Cheat harvest moon back to nature emulator

When you back go back to cheat the cheat main room they realize that the cat was the burglar.
Easy Way To Get Karen Buy lots of wine.
(Note: If you chop it after you have the berry you will faint and end up in the hospital.) Go To The Sprites Tea Party First make sure you have the largest rucksack you can cheat get and you are in spring.
Then without saving, reload your moon game and you should still have the same animals you just traded.Added by: deather_rest Nov 15th 2014, ID#16047.Thiefing Cat, i'm not sure about the date nature but go to the Inn in the beginning of second spring and Ann, her father, Harris, May and Barley are all standing in a circle.Ann's Birthday Party To get invited to Ann's birthday party you must become friends with her.Aqua - AC3E * maximum sprite value is 255(00FF).04F#xxxx 0000- let nature this be main address # - this number varies if the emulator is rerun.Luckily, you will end up in Gotz's cabin.Dancing With Karen In spring year 2 before the New Year Festival Karen will stop by your house between 12 and 3 to practice moon dancing.ISOs sony Playstation h » Harvest Moon - Back to Nature. He will weed your field in return.
Power Berry Gallor Plant over 90 flowers (preferably 110) and wait a few weeks and Mary's mom will stop by and ask if she can have some.
Rucksack slots, hAND slot - 1AAA 1st slot - 1AE0 2nd slot - 1AE6 * the value type varies if the address is different, sometimes there are twin address.(see items list ).

Gray will latter thank file you.White Flower, during winter go to gratis Ellen's house and monitor she'll tell you about a white wonders flower that blooms on snowy days.After that, go and see him again on the 23rd.Another Power Berry In winter go to the mine in the big lake with the bridge that goes accross the waterfall.M is NOT endorsed or sponsored by Nintendo.Talk to Stu and he will be the owner of puppy and he will like you more.Silver epub Powerberry, bring 2 emulator tunips, 2 cucumbers, justice 2 potatoes, 2 cabages, 2 corns, and 2 chicken eggs.The next day the Mayor will bring you a piece of cake.Visit the library the next day and talk to her and tell her you liked the woodcutter. And talk to the orange harvestsprite and bring one piece of flour and after that give the others moon too.
It says you can come to her party on the 17th.

Elli said "Please join cheat harvest moon back to nature emulator our team, Stu get's angry when we don't win!"DO NOT join ANN'S team!
Power Berry To get a power berry, chop the old cedar tree in the big field by mothers hill.