Game avenue flo 2

game avenue flo 2

Kiwis and Kumquats Market The balloon and bottle locations here avenue are shown below: Talk to Grandma: shes got the puree machine you need in game the truck, but the police officer wont give you the keys to the trunk unless you can fix the cars broken.
Pick up the Sunglasses circled in the screenshot below, then talk to Bernie.Its broken, so youll add it to your game inventory until you can find an employee who avenue can find a replacement.Instructions see in-game instructions, rating: All Ages ( more info ).Talk to Seymour: hell tell you the stroller avenue youre looking for is located on the 13th floor.Exit the Baker and return to the Dog Park.It's Halloween night, and you've been trusted to babysit your little sister.They make a great clothespin game substitute, and while hes drying his laundry, hell find the tourists missing lucky striped sock. Place the washed tablecloths into the dryer, then use the tokens to dry them.
Give the Bus Keys to Ernie, then click on the Bus to hop in and hitch a ride avenue to Baby Craze Superstore.
It turns out they accidentally gave it to the tourists.

See below for mini-game example.The location of the correct Analyzer is shown below: Continue to the right.Its Halloween, and your dad crack has invited you to celebrate with him abnormal in lottery your hometown.Pick up the toolbox sitting near the fire hydrant to add it to your inventory, then enter windows the laundromat.Deliver all of the items Quinn needs in time to save the wedding in Avenue Flo! Click on the colored game syrup: after dawn talking briefly about it, the snow cone girl episode will offer to give you some for free.
Dog Park Talk edition with Jo the jogger: shed be happy to retrieve the cookie cutters you need if youd exercise the dogs.
This walkthrough includes tips and tricks, helpful hints, and a strategy guide for how to complete.

Flos Apartment game avenue flo 2 The balloon and bottle locations here are shown below: Click on the front door to have Flo enter, though shell have to find her keys first.
He wont release them yet, so continue into the next room.