Jelly bean update for xperia s

Updated, more intuitive versions of Sony Media jelly apps: walkman, Album and Movies.
OK, we actually don't know a single word in French, but according to our partners from jelly Google Translate, it means that Sony has begun the xperia deployment of Android.1.2.Ice Cream Sandwich may have been good enough for James Bond, but the Android die-hards who nabbed Sony's Xperia TL on AT T want more.Bet you understood it all.The newest build available for the handset.1.F.1.120, and brings Android.1.2 to the mix.The update is being pushed OTA (over-the-air) and you will update be able to download and install it once you get the OTA alert.Sony says that its latest smartphones, the Xperia T, TX, and V, will be upgraded in Q1 2013, but the manufacturer hasn't given any indication when the rest of the models jelly will receive their updates.Click here to know even more.Whilst we have been hearing some bean details on when we might expect to see the Jelly Bean update for the Xperia S (LT26i we havent heard much on timelines for the rest of the Xperia family.The full list follows: Some of this year's low-end models, including the.Its a little xperia frustrating for T-Mobile customers, given that the global version of Xperia Z is already receiving Android.4 KitKat.Interestingly, the carrier says that the initial submission was delayed until the 12 April.As always, the roll-out will happen in stages, so don't freak out if you sport an Xperia S and you're xperia yet to get that sweet notification about a pending update.We first heard that Sony was abandoning its 2011 lineup back in July, when a Sony UK product manager revealed the news via Facebook.There aren't many other Sony devices that were still supported at this point ( remember 2011 Xperias, 2012 Xperias, probably Xperia Z will get no more than 6 months support as well ). Sony has just announced which of its 2012 smartphones that will receive an update to Android.1 Jelly Bean.
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I think this itself is a another breaking news!Since such updates are usually rolled out in phases, it may be a couple of days before you will be able to install the update.And by "more we mean "an update to a newer version of Android." Fortunately, that's finally available.If these xperia timelines are still correct, then wed probably update see the generic update appear before this.You can grab the update now via Sony's PC Companion for Windows or Bridge software for Mac. Even though T-Mobile's support page update does not confirm Android.3, you can expect all the new features from Google along with option to do a master reset using the hardware keys and various improvements.
Jelly Bean was announced back in June of this year, but Sony has yet to bring Google's latest mobile OS to any of its smartphones.

Up until now, T-Mobile Xperia Z owners had been stuck on firmware build.3.1.E.0.191 and Android.2.2 Jelly Bean.
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Google jelly bean update for xperia s Now was introduced, the interface runs faster thanks to Project Butter, customizable home screen with resizeable widgets, better notification bar and more.