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More detailed installation guide for those who need it: Download all the things provided above (in the installation guide) Install and launch Daemon Tools and create two lotr virtual drives.
Rohan Spearmen more resistant to Pierce (75 from 100).
Make sure you do not get the same bfme as your friends do, or it will not work.
General Bug Fixes GameSpys copyright notice has been corrected.This will make your computer think you have the original cd inserted later.The AI will now lotr use the Captain of Dales special abilities.You are gonna listen these kind of songs when you play with Men, Elves, Dwarfs.The Wall and Wall Tower now show a visual difference lotr between the 1st and 2nd stages.Includes around 70 most famous tower wars maps for those who like to play on these.Reduced the Wildmen Axe Throwers damage to 45 (originally 75).Demolishing the Heroic Statue now gives 150 instead.Load two files into there: the big install iso that you got in step one, and one of the two mini images.Tower guard more resistant to Pierce (75/40 from 90/50).(Size of standard BfME2 is around.7 GB, but BfME2 Special Editon is only.0.).Do bfme not forget to change your notification settings, so it does not overflow lotr with alerts!Open it, bfme now you can use it to change your resolution and patch to the one you desire to use. Install the bfme 2 All-In-One Patch Installer Switcher.
Remember that these are only samples, there are 750MB (200 songs) in the BfME Special Edition.
Both Khamul and Morgomir now suffer a 30 damage penalty to structures.

Lotr: Battle for Middle Earth 2 is a game by, eA Games.All other fantastic rights-including, but not limited to, distribution, duplication, and publish by any means - are game retained by HeavenGames LLC.We recommend using T3A:online!Resource Armor more resistant to Pierce (5 from 10).The Angmar Mills 2nd damage stage is now visibly different number from the 1st sound stage.The 2nd damage state for the Fortress Troll Stone Thrower is now different from the 1st damage state.Freezing Rains duration now lasts for 2m30sec.Make sure you in the end all use the same patch, or it will not work online.General - MotW Increased the movement of Gondor Soldiers, Archers and Rohan spearmen to 50 (originally 45 member speed has been increased to 55 (originally 50).The Level bfme 3 Archery upgrade cost has been decreased flame to 500 (originally 1000).Sorcerers Corpse Rain recharge has been reduced to 3m20sec (originally 4m).The Lord of the Rings, the Battle for Middle-Earth II, special Edition.Create-A-Hero New Elf Archer body texture definition is now available.The mini image however will need game to be mounted if you want to play the game. The Troll Stone Thrower upgraded with Ice shot has an equal splash damage radius as the other siege units.
Once it has worked, it will keep working.

Gondor Soldier more resistant to lotr bfme 2 rotwk crack Pierce (70/35 from 85/40) Knights more resistant to Pierce (45 from 55).
To be honest its amazing gaming experience to play BfME2 with these new musics.