Messages 4 student's book

You may prefer to do the book drills yourself, without the recorded version.
B book Listen book to the first paragraph and follow in your book.
Each step opens with a summary of the target language and the communicative students task(s) (Use what you know) which students will book be able to do, using that students language.
So that you can contradict someone make a conversation about going out with friends step2 1 Im often late in the morning because I have to look my messages things.Isbn Workbook with Audio CD / CD-ROM isbn Teachers Resource Pack isbn Teachers Resource Pack isbn Class Cassettes isbn Class Cassettes isbn Class Audio CDs isbn Class Audio CDs isbn Messages Level 3 and 4 Video VHS PAL ISBessages Level 3 and 4 Video VHS.Walk round the class, giving help where necessary.3 you dont Students practise the dialogues in pairs. Luke, where are you?

Fast finishers can complete the 'Try this!' sections and extension exercises in the Workbook.David D Williams, download Fluent in French: The most complete study guide epub to enterprise learn French.Students match the sentences with the replies.Draw acrobat attention to the Remember!In his dream roles in these films, he represented the troubled edition and rebellious youth of modern America.The man in the blue suit is the actor Humphrey Bogart.Vary the pairings so that students do not always work with the same partner. They should listen to / read the conversation/text at least twice during this phase of the lesson.
6 4 is, No, it isnt Pattern drill: TRP page 11 (Unit 1, steam Step 2, drill 2) As a light-hearted activity to give further practice with contradictions, you could make some edition false statements about things/people in the class the more absurd, the better.
Part 6 Sports news You write a report about a sporting event.

Students listen, look at the fact files in the Students Book and write the information in their messages 4 student's book notebooks.
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