Mio moov 310 mapy

mio moov 310 mapy

English voice, but it pronounces street names.
While the company hasnt gone to quite the extent of Navigon or Garmin in offering free traffic for life with its devices, it does offer a moov free 12-month trial subscription to traffic updates with every device, which run for 100 a year thereafter.
Previously, Mio licensed map content from Tele Atlas and software through iGo.
We tested the Mio Moov 310: it has a sleek and neutral look mapy that fit most car interiors; I personally prefer the look of the Sony Nav U, but at that price, mapy it.The menu icon is not obvious to recognize as a menu button (the word Menu would have been better but the map colors look better.We were befuddled by Mios choice moov to place the USB mapy charging port so that the charging cable must pass through the mount, though.V7 Nav740 (221.99)-deliver a better driving experience for the money.Features and Design, the Moovs wide.3-inch touch screen places it on the larger moov side of the size spectrum for navigation devices, but not quite as large as the Moov 500 model, which tops off the Moov line with a 5-inch screen.There's only one.S.The only physical control is the On/Off/Reset switch on the top.By Posted on November 4, 2008 11:08AM PST.4.08 - 11:08AM PST. Whenever moov we switched it on-even the first time-we had GPS reception moov in less than 15 seconds.
The user interface is easier to use than the previous Mio devices, everything is more accessible directly from the map, and browsing the features is more intuitive.

The POI list and the health street maps were mostly up to date, but we found odd glitches: a Starbucks that's been around for years didn't show up, the map didn't know that a stretch of Washington Avenue in donkerder Jersey City has been a one-way street.We'd prefer to be told simply where the next toolkit turn.The Moov line includes four models, with the most expensive, the Moov 310, listing for only 249.Distance to the next turn, for instance, is prominently featured in the upper left-hand corner, and time to go and other secondary stats can be selected for the upper-right hand serif corner.Also, the Moov 310 got confused around tall buildings.Cons: Sophisticated traffic setup, slow interface.Simple, effective window mount, attractive design 12 months of free traffic reports.If youre looking for an attractive, reliable and easy-to-use GPS unit, Mios Moov 310 will do it all, robocopy suite and for the right price.Unlike the earliest (and cheapest) GPS systems that display maps as crude sketches that look like theyre ripped off a PC display from 1995, Navman (which developed the software for the Moov 310) has put some effort into dolling up its data and producing eye-pleasing.This starts with a satin black, brushed aluminum bezel around the LCD, and extends to the rest of the unit through a clean rectangular profile, discrete ports, quality plastic, and tight tolerances.All the units come with the text-to-speech functionality, the 210 and the 310 include a one year free Traffic Messaging Channel (TMC) subscription subscription that gives real-time traffic updates.Near skyscrapers, the map spun around wildly, as if we had made a sudden U-turn, then switched back.Advertising, this time, Mio has decided to get rid of all the non-navigation features that are usually present in their devices like MP3 player, video playback or photo browsing.The Moovs text-to-speech synthesizer wasnt quite a godsend, but it did publishing the job. When you first start the Moov 310, you can view a quick tutorial and select a language for navigation.
Article continued below, mio Moov 310 Design, the Moov 310 is slender, measuring only.7 inches thick and weighing.1 ounces, with a light plastic-feeling casing and a brushed-aluminum look to the bezel.

While we appreciated the good quality of mio moov 310 mapy the extras, we did miss a wall charger, which would have come in handy for topping the unit off at home.
The mount is small and discreet, but does not stick on all dashboard materials; I had to fix it on top of the instrument cluster since it would not stick on the dashboard texture (see photos).