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Mario Golf Advance Tour is no exception as its one of the games best golfing adventure available for the GBA.
He needs help games from his games best monkey buddy and his genie.
Metroid is another of Nintendos most popular action shooter game where you control the iconic Samus in her hunt for aliens.
Mario Kart: Super Circuit The game that made it to games the top of the racing games list is none other than the Mario Kart franchise.Your job is to save the world of Hyrule and princess Zelda from the clutches of Evil Ganon.If you are a fan of the first generation Pokemon and the Kanto region then this is the game you are looking games for because it has best graphics and an amazing storyline for the Kanto region for you.Your job is to win the race and also make sure that nobody else wins by using some dirty tricks on the track.Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town Get ready for the harvest season because you are going to reap what you sow.In this game, you can select Mario or any one of his buddies as your main racer and then you go on a kart racing adventure across games different race tracks.This game features both Diddy and Donkey kongs.This game is pretty simple, your mission is to wipe out every alien being that is inhabiting our earth and trying to take over.Choose your favorite skating professional and start performing the wildest stunts games you have ever imagined in this exhilarating skating action game.In this game, Donkey Kong makes a return to his villainous role and goes head to head against Mario.You have to shoot everything that moves in order to keep your world from being invaded by alien forces and evil robots. You have to help Aladdin defeat all the enemies and the final boss, Jaffer to bring peace back in the kingdom.
Start by playing popular GBA game downloads such as Pokemon - play Emerald Version, Pokemon - Fire Red Version a1, Pokemon - Fire Red Version (V1.1 Pokemon Jupiter -.04 (Ruby Hack) and Pokemon - Ruby Version (V1.1)!

Best GBA Platformer Game.Pokemon Emerald adds a lot of new Pokemon that are not available in other variants of the game.F1 2002 For a GBA game, F1 2002 has one of the great looking visuals and amazing sounds back in the days.Get ready for some web-slinging action with your favorite friendly neighborhood Spider-Man and kick some serious butt in this action packed game.You have to get back all the money that has been stolen from the Professor.If fishing is your game then this is the best game you can enjoy play on your GBA.This is a classic match 3 puzzle game with a different twist on the game. Pokemon Ruby sapphire, the toned down versions of Pokemon Emerald.
You can sue lightsabers, force powers, and even physical attacks to defeat your opponents.
Super Mario World: Super Mario Advance 2 In this game, Mario lands in a completely new world thats called, games Dinosaur Land.