System administrator interview questions and answers linux

For example, the system command chmod gorw file1.TXT grants read questions and write access to the file file1.TXT, which is linux assigned to groups and others.
Ans: Network bonding is the aggregation of multiple Lan cards into a single bonded interface to provide fault tolerance and high performance.Q:30 What is load average in Linux?To install and upgrade necessary important updates and security tools enhancement.It provides automation features in DevOps and Cloud environment.The resizing can be system done by resize2fs /dev/ Name of the LVM Partition.Optionally, there is tcping package available from epel which can be used to test remote host alive status using port ping.Ls linux -a mywork *Note that this will be executed one after system the other, in the order specified.ANS: In rhel.x, you would need to use gconftool-2 or gconf-editor commands for this purpose. Now, navigate to /etc/udev/rules.
Say for example you wish to set only read write (rw) permission for owner, no permissions for group and others then this could be done like below: chmod 600 filename interview OR chmod urw, go-rwx filename Now, lets check what does 0022 umask value indicates:.

Otherwise, run the command #rpm -qa this would query rpm database and prints out names respectively.Network bonding is also known as NIC Teaming.For example, if we need to define this for editor a user mmurthy then we need to edit this file /home/mmurthy/.bash_profile and define umask multiplayer as given below (assuming that the default home editor directory location is not changed umask 0077 Save and exit the file.D# tune2fs -l /dev/sda2 grep -i mount count Mount count: fine 9 Maximum mount count: -1 So, to force fsck on count reach of 10, we can tune-up the file system as shown below: email protected pos.28) Explain virtual desktop.Start the network service service network start).If firewall problem, then make sure icmp protocol and lo interface is allowed for communication.maxdepth 1 -name *.dat xargs ls -l awk total 5 END print total ) What are the differences point between hard soft links in Linux file system? ANS :- When network is down or unable to ping logon remote (another) host system system, wed need to start checking the following things sequentially: Check if local network interface is working properly.
However, if user tries su from root account, access would get granted.

Ans: To set this value permanently for a user, it has to be put in the appropriate profile file which depends on the default shell of the user.
Paste the generated encrypted password into nf file wherever needed as system administrator interview questions and answers linux shown below (only a part of nf file is pasted below default0 timeout5 hiddenmenu password encrypted 1EgrNz1MbdclVToRCCsOF7OuBEgb/ title Red Hat Enterprise Linux (2.6.32-431.el6.x86_64) So, with the grub password added anyone who wants to pass.