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GX Tag Force 2 on the PSP.
Each time force you battle (alone or in tag duel) his/her hearts will force fill.This force time, head to the volcano where you will meet up with force Adrian, Jim, Jaden and Syrus.Fantastic Heroes Crystal Skill Eighth Event: Hero Partner VS Aster force Phoenix Jesse Anderson At the Duel force Field you will find Jesse and Aster.(Any character dueled at least once becomes available in Free Duel!) Complete list of playable characters: # Character name Organisation Deck name Deck.Alexis Rhodes Fifth Heart Event: You will go to the Store to find Jasmine and Mindy.Jesse Anderson Fifth Heart Event: Jesse takes you to the Duel Arena for his force exhibition match with Jaden except it's a Tag Duel so Jesse chooses you and Jaden has his partner, Blair, chosen by herself. Aster and Jesse then come to see the two force of you.

GX Tag Force 2 Deck Recipes Booster Packs Main article: Yu-Gi-Oh!Manufacturer: Advanced Micro episode Devices, Inc.Jaden makes a comment to this which gets her angry.The card will be chosen at random from the 5 you chose.September 27, 2007, september 30, 2007, yu-Gi-Oh!Page 2 and 3 Characters' Story Events Page 2 and 3 Characters' Story Events Check This Out!Up to 5 cards can be set as Destiny Cards in the Deck Edit screen, and it can only be used once per duel.Complete five Page 1 characters' Story 027 dream Slade Princeton Other Lord's Edict A Faced in Chazz's plugins Story, beat server him 9 more times 028 Jagger Princeton Other Class Action A Faced in Chazz's Story, beat him 9 more times 029 Fonda force Fontaine Teacher Fairy Exam Beat. Unlock requirements 001 Jaden Yuki epub Slifer Red Elemental force Hero Available from the start 002 Syrus Truesdale Ra Yellow Me and My Roids Available from the start 003 Alexis Rhodes Obelisk Blue Cyber Angel Available from the start 003 Alexis Rhodes Society of Light Cyber Angel.

Jesse challenges you but Aster complains that he and Jaden duel too much.
The Arcana Force monsters were released in Light of Destruction, yu gi oh gx tag force 2 iso ita so only the ones not yet released are listed here; however, many of them were presented as anime-originals in Tag Force 2 since LOD wasn't released at a time.